T H E   V I S I O N   S T A T E M E N T

Reduce wastes and increase the efficient sustainable use of resources:

  • Our trained worker will visit every home,office factory, store, homemaker, home helper, owner and employee to make them aware of Smart Watse Management. We will use printed circulars, mass meetings and demonstartions to achieve our goals.
  • We will supply Dustboxes to every location to facilitate separations of Waste at Source.
  • We will remove waste every day between 11AM – 2PM and transport to City Corporation Landfill and our own plot. Our timing will make sure that the waste is removed before it starts to rot and smell.
  • Local roads will be cleaned during early morning hours before the foot traffic begins in the morning.
  • We will install a waste recycling plant in Salna, Gazipur.
  • Anti-polythene movement will be started in every locality and Bazar. We must eliminate the curse of Polythene. If necessary the power of the Citi corporation magistrates will be used for this goal.
  • Breeding grounds of Dengu causing Aedes aegypti and other mosquitoes will be eliminated. Genearl people will be educated about these eridaction goal.
  • Whenever possible aesthetically pleasing trees and fruit bearing trees will be planted in the available spaces near the local roads. Roadsides will be beautified by color and white paintings as appropriate.
  • General population will be made accustomed to not to through garbage on the road and khals(ravines).
  • Elected councilors of every ward will be the head of an organization to achieve social goals. They will be empowered to award high level respect bearing titles to citizens with exceptional achievement of social goals


  • Prokriti and City Corporation will finance the procurement of machinery and other accessories for the environmental cleanliness goals.
  • Hotlines will be established in every ward to get quick notification of environmental issues and their resolution.
  • Continuous monitoring is essential for good environmental results. Every ward will use a motor bike and rider for continuous monitoring and surveillance of the current situation in every locality.
  • Weekly meeting of the involved people will be held to improve the speed of fruitful accomplishments and evaluation of the current status of every monitored parameter.
  • A monthly report of work progress in every ward will be sent to Dhaka North City Corporation Mayor and other authorities.
  • Every complain from the City Corporation will be quickly looked into and remedied. Similarly every instruction of the City Corporation will be promptly carried out.
  • Electronic media, Print media and other social gatherings will be used for successful environmental campaigns.
  • Schools, colleges, Madrashas, Clubs catering to all ages will be campaigned  to become  captains of environments.
  • National Celebrities ( Sport personalities, Cultural Icons, movies stars will be used to environmental rallies and campaigns. Each year Best Environmental Organizer will be given a suitable award.
  • All steps needed for a clean pollution free environment that is free of mosquitoes and other environmental hazard will be undertaken.