Since its inception, PROKRITI has been given the highest priority to the Education sector program and by these years PROKRITI has successfully completed and been implementing good numbers of Education projects. PROKRITI has vast knowledge and experiences on non-formal primary education in both primary and adult education, preprimary education and on early childhood development with the foreign donor, national NGO and government funding support. PROKRITI has expertise in conducting different trade courses. In collaboration and cooperation with the GOB, Donors and National NGOs the following projects had implemented and been implementing in this sector:


* Pre-primary Education for Slum Children in Dhaka, 1 Centre 50 children and their parents.
PROKRITI Education, Welfare & Development Project, 40 Centre 1050 children and their parents.       * Basic Literacy Project (64 districts), 18000 learners of 300 learning center.
* Eradication of Hazardous Child Labor, 950 students at 43 centers.       * Pre-primary Education (PROTEEVA) 5 center 250 children.
* Early Childhood Development Support Program-Bangladesh, 800 Students at 45 centers.
* Effort for Capacity Building of CBO (ECCO) annually 735 adolescent girls provided life-skill & nonformal education under 35 dialogue center.
* Post Literacy & Continuing Education for Human Development Project- 2 44,880 learners (50% female) of 374 centers of 11 Upazilas of Dhaka.
* Non-formal Primary Education, under Education Support Program (ESP) of Our own Fund.
* Non-formal Adult Education NFE-1, operation of 165 learning centers for adult men & women of Derai & Jagannathpur Upazila under Dhaka Division.
* Non-formal Adult Education NFE-2, operation of 430 learning centers for adult men & women of Munshigonj District and Dhaka .
* Non-Formal Adult Education Project-1 & 2 projects 50,320 Learners 650 centre of Dhaka Division.
* NFPE, PROSHIKA, 350 learners of 20 schools.      * Adult Women Literacy for Tea Garden Female Worker.       * NFPE with Bangla Sign for Deaf Children.

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