Disability Program

D i s a b i l i t y    P r o g r a m

This program includes Community based rehabilitation, assistive device support, special education along with sign language; social inclusion, mainstreaming education and creating disable friendly environment. Since 2002 PROKRITI has been working for the “People Living with Disabilities” through community-based rehabilitation (CBR) in Dhaka Division. PROKRITI is serving for multiple-disability like CP, Intellectual disabled, Deaf, Physical disabled, etc. moreover. The services that provided to the deaf community are Bengali sign language training to deaf children, youths and their cares/parents, provide agro-based and computer training for deaf children & youths, operation of the functional literacy center will meet the basic education needs of deaf children and also contribute in sensitizing communities, advocacy and sensitization session with different stakeholders, the formation of cares groups etc. By this period PROKRITI received support from our own Found. This service of components includes to, create mass awareness, education for children & youth with disabilities, conducts training, employment of youth with disabilities, PRT, provide the assistive device, counseling, IGA, providing health services and different kind of facilities, creating accessibility for children and youth with disabilities in different sectors and creating mass awareness regarding disability at the community level. One of the very successful imitative of PROKRITI is to provide training on disability to the Health Personals of Dhaka city many hospitals and able to convince respective officials to open a separate wing to provide services to the disabled people within the hospitals. The disability sector program that been implemented and now been implementing by PROKRITI are as follows:


* Inclusive Protection and Empowerment Project for Children with Disabilities (IPEP).
* Rehabilitation of Children with a Disability.
* Removing Cultural Barriers (RCB) Project.
* Deaf in Literacy & Rights Academy (DILARA).
* Proximity Services for Full Participation of People with Disabilities in all Spheres of Life.